October 2020

With a major election and a new year around the corner, Bridge Alliance’s focus is on the future. How can we fix a system that has divided us so drastically? How do we ensure our nation prioritizes equity and equality as it moves forward? Bridge Alliance and our 100 member organizations are crafting and testing answers to these questions every day as part of the Healthy Self-Governance Movement. Here is the latest on those efforts.

Bridge Alliance concluded its final Mastermind Cohort of 2020 last month and will be spending the rest of the year redesigning the MMC format to be more easily replicable and predictable for personal and professional development, while supporting new and diverse relationships among participants.

Also this month in Mastermind news, cohort alum Justine Lee has partnered with Living Room Conversations to launch a two-week campaign called "Moving Forward Together."

To kick off the campaign, a special Living Room Conversation will be live streamed on Monday, October 26, 2020 with high-profile leaders like author and activist Marianne Williamson (D), Grover Norquist (R) (the President of Americans for Tax Reform), and others from across the political spectrum. You can register for that live stream here. Afterwards, Justine and Living Room Conversations invite viewers from across the country and of all political perspectives to join and host conversations to share hopes and concerns; process grief and anxiety; and relate and build understanding across political differences. More information on this campaign can be found on the Living Room Conversations website

Our country is vulnerable right now, but it can be molded and improved rather than diminished. Bridge Alliance is working hard to do just that, and to ensure a solid foundation built around unity and trust. If you have any questions about our Diversity and Opportunity Project or how you can become involved with the Bridge Alliance Education Fund, visit our website’s “How You Can Help” page, or contact Jeremy Garson at [email protected]