MMC Alumni Network

To protect and strengthen democratic values

  1. What is the Mastermind Alumni Network?
    • A mutual aid society
    • A network of people connected by their love of democracy
    • A gathering place for creative and collaborative “messy ideas”
  2. What Does the Network do Together?
    • Honor and respect each other
    • Refer each other through our collective network
    • Offer aid when others are developing new ideas
    • Ask for aid when we are developing a new idea
    • Attend bi-monthly alumni calls (75 min)
    • MMC alumni reception at annual BA Summit
  3. Why is the Bridge Alliance Facilitating the Alumni Network?
    • It’s in service of our vision and mission
      • We envision a thriving, just and healthy democracy for all. Our work strengthens the democracy ecosystem.


    • To nurture diversity of thought, background and experience in a creative environment
    • To provide a space for social entrepreneurs to renew themselves
    • To strengthen our bonds with each other
  4. Bi-Monthly Virtual Meeting Agenda (75 mins):
    • Welcome from Bridge Alliance
    • Quick round of alum intros and updates (break out groups of 6-8 people)
    • New idea presentation #1 - 5 min + 10 min group response
    • New idea presentation #2 - 5 min + 10 min group response
    • Reflective discussion topic -- 25 min
    • Adjourn