Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the MasterMind Cohort?

    The MasterMind Cohort is a program in which community and organizational leaders convene across six sessions to discuss the details of their current initiatives or projects in order to develop and improve them. Leaders are not expected to have their initiative or project completely outlined from the start. Participants provide feedback and recommendations to others in the group. This peer review style of project development is designed to grow relationships among leaders with common goals, create a comfortable environment where constructive feedback is welcomed, and help participants get their most difficult questions answered. The aim of the cohort is to help develop the framework of their project and build a network of skillful allies.

  2. How did you select me to apply?

    We pride ourselves on our great number of connections with other organizations. We may have initially received your contact information through one of our many partnering organizations; however, you were invited because we think you would be a valuable addition to our cohort. Bridge Alliance seeks participants who are committed and will meaningfully engage as leaders with peers to elevate their work, develop new ideas, sharpen professional skills, and strengthen their relationships. We think that may be you!

  3. What kind of information am I submitting on the application?

    On the application form you will be asked to submit introductory personal information such as: your name, your preferred pronouns, your phone number, your email address, your social media information, the organization you represent, and the best way to reach you. The remaining questions cover the project/initiative you will be developing during the cohort and what you want to get out of the program.

  4. What does it mean to be “invited to apply”?

    Step one of our invitation process is being selected to apply to our program. Following this, we take a look at the submitted applications and select who will be accepted to participate in the cohort (around 10 leaders will be chosen). Lastly, we send out invitations letting participants know about their acceptance and informing them on logistics before the cohort begins.

  5. What is the time commitment?

    The Mastermind Cohort program lasts six sessions. Cohorts meet weekly on an assigned day for 75 minutes. The total recommended time commitment  two hours per week outside of sessions,inclusive of small-scale  assignments between sessions. We ask that you try your best to block this time off time and refrain from being absent from sessions. For the full schedule of the MasterMind Cohort session you are applying please refer to the top of your application.

  6. Who leads the program?

    Reverend Dr. F. Willis Johnson Jr. leads our Mastermind Cohort program. He is Bridge Alliance’s Vice President of Partnerships & Programming. 


    A third-generation educator, Rev. Dr. F. Willis Johnson is a spiritual entrepreneur, Senior Minister of Living Tree Church and adjunct faculty at Methodist Theological School of Ohio. Johnson formerly served as senior minister of Wellspring Church in Ferguson, Missouri, a predominately African-American intergenerational urban parachute church plant. Rev. Dr. Johnson is respected for his leadership and strategies around social and racial justice issues.  


    Recognized as a scholar-practitioner, Johnson authored Holding Up Your Corner: Talking About Race in Your Community, and is a sought after thought-leader who empowers individuals and communities towards prophetic response—healing, justice and reconciliation. With some 19 years of professional ministry experience in Indiana, North Carolina, and Missouri, Johnson’s skills extend far beyond the pulpit. Trained in education and nonprofit management, he has served in volunteer and paid leadership positions for multiple nonprofit organizations. 


    At a time when our nation is experiencing great upheaval on matters of race, policing, violence, ecclesial and communal fragmentation, Johnson continues to prepare prophetic leaders who promote healing, justice and transformation through his leadership of The Center for Social Empowerment -- a hub for theologically informed reflection, investigation, and education on social and racial justice issues.

  7. What topics does the cohort cover?

    Sample agenda is as below; however, topics may differ based on cohort participants’ interests.

    INTRODUCTION: Start with WHY

    Session I: Prospecting

    Session II: Exploration 

    Session III: Mine Design

    Session IV: Drill

    Session V: Production

    Session VI: Reclamation

  8. Why should I apply?

    You should apply if you are a social entrepreneur or spiritual leader looking to improve your effectiveness as a leader. If you are interested in sustainability and scaling through collaborative learning and peer coaching then you are a good fit for our program. Additionally, by participating in our program, you will make meaningful connections and gain a national network of  community-based organizations and leaders.

  9. What does it mean to be a “Mastermind Cohort alumni”?

    After participating in one of our Mastermind Cohort programs, you automatically become part of our greater network of Mastermind Cohort alumni. What does this mean for you?

    The alumni network is composed of leaders from across the country who have a spirit of mutual aid for one another. Together we are committed to improving our nation. MMC alumni network provides support and structure and “accountability accomplices” for our respective work. That network starts with you all.

    The benefits include:

    • The chance to participate in “alumni calls”, in order to: maintain the connections created during your cohort experience, continue to help one another with projects and initiatives, and highlight new projects and/or give existing project updates.
    • The opportunity to offer peer-to-peer support to new cohort members. 
    • The ability to receive and/or be featured in a recurring newsletter sent to current and alumni cohort members.