Eric Bronner Full Bio

Eric Bronner | Show Me Integrity & Veterans for Political Innovations (VPI)

Eric is an attorney, U.S. Navy veteran and, for the past two years, he has been a volunteer leader with Missouri's premier, fiercely cross-partisan democracy reform organization, Show Me Integrity. This ground-level experience in the reform space has led Eric to launch a new, nationwide veterans service organization (a soon-to-be 501(c)(19)), called "Veterans for Political Innovation" (VPI). VPI will be a fiercely cross-partisan veterans community, educating and inspiring veterans to actively engage in the fast-growing, NONpartisan political innovation movement. Veterans in this "political innovation community" will serve alongside local partner organizations: advocating for and implementing political innovations, empowering successful reform campaigns and rebuilding trust in our democracy and our Republic!

A deep desire for unity and real, systematic change is in Eric’s DNA. His late grandfather, the eccentric soapmaker, Dr. Emanuel Bronner, dedicated his life to “uniting spaceship earth!” Eric believes the best way to grow unity in our communities (and put “United” back in the USA) is through cross-partisan movements and NONpartisan political innovations. We need a "political reformation" to restore ethical, equitable and effective government of, by and for the people because, as Dr. Bronner said, “we are all-one or none!"