Brian Rubin

Brian Rubin - The Harwood Institute

Colleagues have described Brian Rubin as someone who “has a high energy level and a thirst for hard work and service to others”. He is constantly looking for opportunities to bring people together to create something better. His work has supported faith-based, civic and education organizations. 

After nearly 20 years serving organizations as a professional fundraiser, Brian made a leap which was prompted by his desire to be in a better position to shift the status quo. He realized how much we, as a society, fail to address the difficulties in being extraordinary in organizations driven by specialization and uniformity. He wants to help leaders and organizations thrive by designing environments that ignite imagination and self-expression, and enable meaningful human connection and collaboration. 

This past fall, Brian joined Harwood Institute as a Studio Associate. In his role, he helps the institute advance new ideas for strengthening communities and society in a rapidly changing world. 

Brian, currently, serves on the board of the Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund. With the support of the Fund, Brian organized the ‘Seat at the Table’ initiative, an effort to create circles of relationships and a space to discuss issues that matter most to Prince George’s County residents, including shifting the narrative about Black majority communities and building more equitable civic participation. 

A graduate of Northwestern University where he played football, Brian is a New Jersey native. He now lives in Bowie, MD with his wife and two sons.