About MMC

In an effort to make the Healthy Self-Governance Movement more representative, we created the Leaders Mastermind Cohort Program (MMC) to connect social entrepreneurs and spiritual leaders in local communities with national efforts to strengthen democratic practice. MMC is a 4 week program in which community and organizational leaders convene weekly for one month to share preliminary ideas, projects or research areas. This peer review style of project development is designed to generate a diversity of opinions and generate relationships among leaders with common goals in an environment of creativity, imagination and constructive feedback. Leaders will present ideas, challenges and progress on their own project(s). Personal coaching is also offered by cohort leaders, and encouraged amongst cohort members.  

There are no costs to participate. MMC is an investment of talent and good ideas, outside of financial constraints and provides an opportunity to advance grassroots work by:

  • Engaging with cross-partisan leaders in strategic group work
  • Receiving personalized coaching
  • Participating in special expert learning workshops.

Our overall goal is to facilitate relationships of trust and affection within the cohort while providing mutual aid and adding diverse leaders to the Healthy Self Governance Movement.

Social entrepreneurs and spiritual leaders will improve their effectiveness as leaders and, in turn, their organizations, adding to sustainability and scaling through a mutual-aid strategy of collaborative learning and peer coaching. Additionally we encourage community-based organizations and leaders to build relationships with more established organizations and foundations within our network. 


  • Identify a new potential reality—idea
  • Explore strategies and skills for advancement of an idea—concept
  • Actualize a plan, proposal and/or prototype of concept
  • Synthesize collaborative learning experience into practice


  • Four virtual cohort sessions 75 minutes in length
  • Recommend a minimum of 2.5 hours per week (in between sessions)


  • Organizes at the community or grassroots level
  • Has a project/ initiative being developed, improved or expanded
  • Is available to attend all cohort meetings (Thursdays at 2:00 PM ET for a 4 week period)
  • Is willing to offer viable resources, connections, feedback to other organizers in the cohort

For additional information about the program or application process, email [email protected] 


If you would like to apply for a future cohort, you may do so here.