Bridge Alliance Mastermind Cohort








The Bridge Alliance Leaders Mastermind Cohort Program (MMC) is an ongoing facilitation of curated groups of 12 people, half of whom are working specifically on democracy efforts and half of whom are local community leaders working on local issues, with potentially overlapping work. MMC groups meet for six weeks at a time with each organizational leader advancing their individual project or initiative in a spirit of mutual aid. They share ideas, concept plans, writings or research, cultivating  an environment of creativity, imagination and constructive feedback. The group extends social capital to one another and the process seeds relationships among the participants. Personal coaching or consulting is also offered by Bridge Alliance staff and board members. We have found that cohorts also coach one another outside of the weekly calls, maximizing networking and deepening relationships. 

The small group and fast pace provides a balance between relationships and progress, not sacrificing one for the other. The MMC groups are already useful in cross-pollinating between faith leaders, right-of-center activists and racial justice work. After each six week cohort, participants continue their relationships with the Bridge Alliance and one another via bi-monthly calls in which the same resource sharing environment is facilitated.

If you would like to apply for a future cohort, you may do so here